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It’s Humanity Foundation Md. Adnan Hossain Founder and Owner m.adnanhossain@itshumanity.org Dhaka, Bangladesh It’s Humanity Foundation was happy to receive support from The Nino Abstract. We are a foundation located in Bangladesh that is committed to reaching disenfranchised women through vocational opportunities and children with disadvantages. The Nino Abstract and Mr. Nino assisted with mentoring and training our staff in project management techniques and monitoring and evaluation, and provided invaluable support for two science fairs that IHF organized for close to 50 underprivileged children aged 5-12 in rural and urban areas of Bangladesh. The Abstract and Mr. Nino not only sponsored the two events, but also designed the concepts for the science projects for the children based on the children’s interests and the needs of their respective communities. The children who participated in the science fairs were excited to explore adapting the effects of climate change to fit the needs of local communities in projects including designing wind and water turbines


, an eco-friendly dwelling, rain-water harvesting, and composting techniques.  In addition to exposure to scientific concepts, the science fairs were designed to foster critical thinking, problem solving, communication skills, and confidence. We are grateful to The Nino Abstract and Mr. Nino for supporting our foundation.

Cristian Sandoval – President at NICAM Strategy Inc.

earn-a-bikie-logoCristian Sandoval President at NICAM Strategy Inc. Earn-A-Bike San Antonio, Tx “It’s rare to find a student working on a class project that treats the project with the formality and professionalism of a paid consultant. Carlo approached our organization early in November asking to evaluate our program as part of a class assignment for American University. After our first conversation, we knew that his work would bring significant value to our organization, and he prove us right. I was particularly impressed by his willingness to attend special events, tag along field trips and his objectivity towards the projects. Nowhere along the project did I feel we wanted to tell me what I wanted to hear , He told me what I needed to hear. The outcomes will be shared at our next board meeting and will serve as the base for the organization’s evaluation model. Our only regret is that the project is over. We will miss Carlo hanging around, and asking tough, thought-provoking, questions. If this is what Carlo can do for a class project, I can’t imagine the quality of a fully scoped contract.”
Carlo Nino

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