NEWS 4 – WOAI – Oxford Vaccine links to Ebola Outbreak w/ Carlo Nino

Many thanks Mandi Johnston Mendoza and April Molina for hosting Mr. Nino on Mon WOAI-TV News 4 San Antonio, discussing goals for the adenovirus used during the Ebola crisis for a plug & play solution for the Oxford vaccine. The loss suffered in Liberia revealed the world’s pandemic preparedness shortcomings, but it also compelled scientists […]

Carlo Training Video

Mr. Nino was asked to be the keynote speaker at the PMI (Project Management Institute) – Dhaka, Bangladesh chapter.  He was invited to discuss ethics in project management from an aid, development and humanitarian perspective.   Buy Viagra Without Prescription

It’s Humanity Foundation (IHF) Charity Gala

Mr. Nino was invited to support and sponsor the It’s Humanity Foundation Gala in order to support over 300 students in rural and urban environments throughout Bangladesh. The organization proudly supports science based activities for it’s children to help them understand emerging technologies Kup LevitrÄ™ bez recepty , critical thinking and women’s vocational activities through […]

Young Entrepreneurs of Bangladesh

Mr. Nino was invited to a panel of distinguished role models within the Dhaka business community to share in topics of interest to the audience.  Recurring themes of micro-finance/business, women’s vocational training and inclusion within society and alternative revenue mechanisms for rural family households.  Featured on Jamuna TV, Dhaka , Bangladesh.

San Antonio Man In Liberia Fighting Ebola Epidemic

SAN ANTONIO- When most are running or staying away from Liberia because of the Ebola outbreak a San Antonio man has gone in to help. 9 years ago Carlo Nino first built a bond with the people in Liberia when he went for the United Nations as a U.S. Marine.  Even with so much fear […]

France 24 Interview

CEO Carlo Nino discusses the lifting of the state of emergency with France 24.What are the implications?  Mr. Nino responds.

San Antonio man returns from helping fight Ebola

“They’re fighting it and they’re winning,” Nino said.  “They’re not out of the woods, but they have the organization now, they have the frameworks to basically organize around the problem.” However, Dapoxetine Ohne Rezept Kaufen, life didn’t stop because of  Ebola, and he showed News 4 pictures of happier times with friends and children at […]