SAN ANTONIO- When most are running or staying away from Liberia because of the Ebola outbreak a San Antonio man has gone in to help. 9 years ago Carlo Nino first built a bond with the people in Liberia when he went for the United Nations as a U.S. Marine.  Even with so much fear of Ebola spreading

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, Nino didn’t hesitate on going back to Liberia when asked to help with humanitarian relief. Two weeks ago Nino arrived in Monrovia, Liberia.  He couldn’t give specifics on his mission but can say he is a development aid professional who is part of the effort to control the spread of the virus.  Nino shows no fear of being in region where people are infected with the virus only the will to save them. “We are trying desperately hand over fist to prevent this from spreading further to Europe and United States.  What we are trying to do is get this thing under control and we are segregating a lot of infected people,” Nino stated over a Skype interview. He said they are working with other humanitarian groups around the world that have created community care centers and Ebola treatment units.  They are also running an aggressive campaign of educating the people about the virus.