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Carlo A. Nino

Professional biography

Mr. Carlo Antonio Nino is the founder and operator of Nino Abstract Consulting LLC, a venture he launched to provide his subject-matter expertise (SME) culled from an extensive career in international aid and development to military and civilian organizations. The organization’s home office is located on California’s Monterey Peninsula.

Through his wealth of experience in community planning and development, Mr. Nino has built up a specialized skill set that straddles military and civilian sectors, enabling him to deliver operational and programmatic oversight to military civil affairs teams while concurrently providing direction to USAID programs and projects. As the foremost expert in his field, Mr. Nino offers not only considerable professional integrity, but can deliver his clients a no-nonsense approach due to his mastery of the nuances of international relations within conflict environments.

Through his distinguished career spanning more than 12 years as a commissioned officer with the United States Marine Corps, along with his civilian experience, he offers an unparalleled ability to attain resonance between both military and civilian communities. While Mr. Nino has seen a great deal of conflict through his military experience, he has also contributed extensively to rebuilding and diplomacy in post-conflict environments.

After serving several tours in Afghanistan, Mr. Nino was sent by the Pentagon to Liberia to work with the United Nations (UN) as an observer in a noncombat environment. This was where he honed his talents for effecting positive change through diplomacy, negotiations and delegation. Leveraging this foundation as a stepping stone into work in international aid and development, he moved on to aid Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of State (DOS) personnel in completing several federal contracts.

His accomplished and varied background has provided Mr. Nino the ability to bridge gaps between military and civilian counterparts when operating in post and current conflict environments. He has served extensively as a liaison between military and civilian groups in interpreting policy for use in formulating implementation strategies, enhancing security and streamlining humanitarian aid efforts.

Most recently, Mr. Nino served as Chief of Party (COP) for Central Asia Development Group’s Community Development Program as well as the Logistics Director for the Ebola Crisis Response Effort in Monrovia, Liberia.

Prior to this, he was hand-picked to head a high-profile Local Governance and Community Development (LGCD) program in the war-torn Farah province in Western Afghanistan. He has also formed, trained and spearheaded teams of as many as 300 within challenging international environments throughout the Middle East and West Africa, directed the Marine Corps Information Operations Center (MCIOC), and served as a primary advisor to several high-level Pentagon program officers.

Mr. Nino holds a Master’s degree in International Relations with an emphasis in Security Studies & Sustainable Development from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas; a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the same institution; and an MBA in Defense Systems Analysis from the Naval Postgraduate School of Business and Public Policy in Monterey, California.

He is the author of Farah Provincial Handbook: A Guide to the People and the Province, a comprehensive guidebook tailored for DOD/DOS officials operating in and around Farah, Afghanistan. Additionally, he has been featured in an article in St. Mary’s University’s Gold and Blue magazine, and has been interviewed by the BBC for a television report on an attack near the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan.